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Forget everything you’ve been told about templates because we’ve got you covered, babe. We’ve created easy-to-use website templates and pre-made brands within your budget that look and feel custom.  

You think you can’t afford the brand and website of your dreams.

Your current brand and website aren’t doing you any favors.

You know you need a brand and website, but you have no idea where to start.

let us guess...

All of our templates are built on the revolutionary Showit platform. Drag and drop design prevents you from spending hours learning code. Customize your template to your brand with ease—no code, no worries.



Every template is created with our unique copywriting prompts. You’ll get exclusive access to the copy template we share with our custom design clients so that you can reach your ideal clients. 


Built to Convert

We’ve poured every ounce of creative energy into luxury templates you won’t find anywhere else—because your website doesn’t have to be boring. 


Elevated Designs

Not Your Average Website Templates

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We’ve created ten pre-made brands sure to turn heads. You get to pick your favorite, and we’ll make it yours. During the semi-custom design experience, we will package your brand in your chosen color palette in all the files you’ll ever need. Let’s take your brand from underwhelming to unstoppable.


We gotchu.

Need a killer brand first?

We create brands and templates that help your creative business go from pure and simple to patinaed and savvy.

our promise

Having grown two successful design agencies trusted by clients like Lindsey Roman, Evie Rupp, Jordan Lee Dooley, Molly Grunewald, Rebecca Carpenter, Frankie Grieshaber, Cassidy Lynne, and more, we decided to join forces to disrupt the template industry. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all design, or that great design should feel out of reach. 

Instead, we think every entrepreneur deserves a brand and website that reflects their business without breaking the bank. We believe that growth will always be a natural part of the process, whether you’re just getting started or a seasoned professional. Like most things, businesses only get better with age.

The web design besties you didn’t know you needed.

We’re Lauren and Sarah.

- abby zimmerman

"Wow, like seriously, wow! I haven’t even scratched the surface of this template and I am blown away at the value included. The copywriting prompts! Oh my gosh, I had no idea I was doing so much incorrectly before! I was overwhelmed as a new Showit user at first with a new interface, but the videos are just spot on exactly what I needed to know! Seriously feeling so blessed today. Thank you, ladies!"

"I would recommend these templates to anyone working in the creative entrepreneurial space!"

- molly Grunewald

"I follow Sarah and see her designs on the daily. And now, to see my own work so gorgeously curated on a website gives me the chills. And as a template, which makes everything that much easier all while not breaking the bank?! What a dream come true. Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me the website of my dreams. And helping me realize MY potential as a photographer as well. Much love to Sarah and Lauren."

"Are you kidding me Pure & Patina?!"

- April, Hazel & Elle Photography

“I can’t keep staring at my website without being in complete awe of it. It’s seriously everything I could dream of, and there’s so much customization—by far the easiest, most cohesive thing I’ve ever done! Invest in your business even if you’re afraid to, so nothing stops you from raising your business to the next level. Just do it & you’ll be so happy you did, even if you close your eyes pressing the purchase button in anxiety like I did.”

"One of the best decisions I’ve ever made."

- Rebecca Carpenter

"it's so beautiful, modern, warm, romantic and with also that hint of destination and adventure. It's so easy to customise with your own imagery and wording and the how to guide and videos make it foolproof to set up. This website really will be one to be proud of and showcases beautiful to bag your dream client!"

"The Worthy template really is WORTHY of your new website!!"

- Mary, Prairie and Wild

“I am beyond impressed! I am a 2nd-grade teacher full time and do photo and film on the side. So not ready just yet to do a fully custom site. I am in LOVE with the template! If I could dream up a custom website, this would literally be it!”

"This is my website dream come true."

- Sofi, Centered Compass

“Seriously, it was exactly what I was looking for!! It's perfect for everyone & SO easy to customize!! One of the best investments you can make for your biz!!!

"LOVE the template!"

What are you waiting for?!

Say goodbye to basic and hello to the brand and website of your dreams.